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Founded in 2012, Embibe is an edtech company that leverages AI-based data analytics to personalize learning outcomes. It targets students across K-12, higher education, and professional skilling. Embibe has raised a total of $196.7M in funding. We were asked to give the logo displayed below a facelift. We did a lot more than just that. 

Agency - Dentsu MB

Role - Executive Creative Director

Designers - Vin, Sonika, Rahul, Zaheer, Vibeesh, Jaseer, & Krishna.

We created a mnemonic that represents their superior approach to learning. A process that’s both divergent and convergent. Learning is a continuum and knowledge is a multiverse. We conceived this identity as a port into a dynamic and constantly evolving world that empowers learning. 


Simply put, this represents a gateway, into the genius in you.