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Meet Emily

We were briefed to create an icon for Embibe's chat bot and voice assistant. Just an icon. So, we created Emily. An adorable, intelligent, interactive guide that would come alive both in the digital world through AR/VR and the physical world as a device.

She's a firefly. Why? Allow me to explain.

Agency - Dentsu MB

Role - Executive Creative Director

Designer - Vin

Fireflies' symbolism


They bring magic and a sense of childlike wonder into our often chaotic and busy lives. Their presence is meant to bring back nostalgic memories of youth and innocence when the world was a magical dreamland, and nothing was outside the realm of possibility.


When the firefly spirit animal comes into your life, your life radiates a unique glow. This serves as the guiding light that enables you to banish all darkness from your life.


It brings wondrous messages from the spiritual realm. 


The firefly’s light empowers you with inspiration, guidance, and hope. It is the guiding light to your spiritual reawakening.

So, that's why. 

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