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A packaged milk and dairy products brand in India. The name is derived from Govinda, an avatar of Lord Krishna. Young Lord Krishna, the 'Makhan Chor' (butter thief) is always remembered as Sakha (a friend) and protector of cows. We saw a relevant and seemless connection to Bala Krishna (Divine Child Krishna). With all due respect to the Amul girl we created a potential pal for her, in the form of our little Govin boy. Yr 2018


Role - Consultant + Creative Director 

Designers - Tom, Vishal & Ashish

Visual Language 

Sanjhi Painting is a tradition of art that originated out of the cult of Krishna and flourished in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is in Vraja, or Vrindavan, the homeland of Lord Sri Krishna, that this art of Sanjhi painting reached its pinnacle.