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ICICI Prudential 

My relationship with this brand, by far the largest private life Insurance company in India, is over a decade old. Here I write both strategy and creative. I also produce and direct the films. You could say that it's more or less a one-man show till we hit production. Below are some of the work that we are most proud of. Work that yielded both qualitative and quantitative results.

Role - Consultant + Creative Director + Filmmaker 

is everything.


The client wanted  to throw a new light on Term Life Insurance in the form of digital films. Data revealed that vast majority of the customers get their first policy when they get married and the second policy when they have a child. This meant, getting life insurance is a simple yet symbolic act of commitment that goes rather unnoticed or under appreciated just like the various other little but meaningful things we do for our families.


These two films were shot on the fly with minuscule budgets in two days. However, we had a whole lot of fun and it won a lot of hearts too.



The role of life insurance is to financially secure your family in the unfortunate event of your demise, ironically many find themselves lost in a rat race that keeps them away from their families. We created a poignant film with a message that certainly got them thinking.

affects you
affects them.


A critical illness plan that persuaded parents (in a simple and honest way) to take care of their health and protect themselves from life threatening medical conditions. 

I value you.


Every day, people from all walks of life strive to give their families the very best. For their happiness, they go the extra mile.  We gave their families a chance to tell them what they haven't told them in while – and what they said, is bound to touch your heart too.

Kehte Hai


This music video is a remake of a legendary Bollywood song starring Amir Khan called "Papa Kehte Hai" which means "My father says" that I will be succesfull and that I will achieve my dreams. The idea was to recreate a slice of history with a hundred children and evoke nostalgia. Thank God I'm good with kids.



Gift is a follow up form the earlier Monkey film. The character we created did so well that we had to bring him back, this time for another product. 

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