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Lenovo - Dad & Dude 2010

"It’s no big secret that Indian kids are dependent on their parents for pocket money, and now the truth is out there in a new campaign by Lenovo for its line of personal computers. According to Rahul Agarwal, marketing director and executive director, Lenovo India, “Based on our research, we discovered that nearly 60% of household PC purchases are undertaken by Indian youth (18–24 age band), supplemented with their parents’ consensus.” - Campaign India. 

A nationwide campaign over television, print, outdoor and online has been planned. Anto Noval, co-founder and chief creative officer of Hungry & Foolish Intellectual Properties, said, "The film is just laying the foundation for our engagement plan which will happen on The most interesting play in this creative solution is how we are talking to a particular TG while the one who's paying for it is someone else, and the link between the two is the product."  - Campaign India.

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